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Manufacturers Exporters of Dental instruments & Surgical Implant tools 

Dental Implant Tools Will offer Dental instruments

Amalgam Condensers and Pluggers ,Anesthesia Instruments, Articulating Paper Forceps ,

Aspirating Syringes,Bone Instruments ,Orthopedic Instruments ,Burnishers ,

Carvers, Cavity Liners ,Cement Spatulas, Cleoid Discoids ,Endodontic Instruments ,Orthodontic Instruments ,Crown Removers ,

Elevators ,Root & Periosteal Elevators ,Endodontic Instruments ,Excavators ,

Explorer ,Root Tip Instruments ,Excavators ,Explorer ,Extracting Forcpes, Gauge, Hemostats, 

Orthodontic Instruments, Impression Trays, Matrix Retainers, Mirror Handles,  Miscellaneous, Thumb, Dressing & Tissue Forceps,  Mouth Gags & Cheek Retractors,  

Mouth Mirrors, Needle Holders, Ophthalmic Instruments, Orthodontic Instruments, Tungsten Carbide Neddle Holders, 

Orthodontic Instruments, Hollow Handle Periodontal Curettes, 

Hollow Orthodontic Instruments, Orthodontic Pliers, Deluxe Orthodontic Pliers w/ screw lock, 

Periodontal Curettes, Curettes, Scalers & Probes, Hollow Handle Periodontal Curettes, Periodontal Pocket Probes, 

Periodontal Pocket Probes / Ex, Curettes, Scalers & Probes, Periosteal Elevators, Root & Periosteal Elevators, 

Plaster Knives, Plaster Nippers & Shears, Plaster Spatulas, Plastic Filling Instruments, Rongeurs, Root Tip Instruments, Rubber Dam Instruments, 

Sample Cases & Display Boards, Scalers, Hollow Handle Scalers, Curettes, Scalers & Probes, tartar Removers & Scrapers,Scalpel Handles, 

Scissors, Ophthalmic Instruments, Tungsten Carbide Scissors, Sharpening Stones, Towel Clamps. Waxing Instruments Ect...

Dental Implant Tools Will offer Surgical & Implant Tools  

Parallel Guides,Ratchet Wrench,Torque Wrench,

Drills ,Short Drills , Conical Drills ,Trephine Drills ,Countersink Drills ,More Drills ,

Hex Drivers , Depth & Gingival Gauge ,Surgical Driver ,Implant Surgical Driver ,

Stoppers ,Surgical Kit ,Extra Long Drills Ect..

Accu Luxating ,Bone Chisels ,Bone Collectors and Trays ,Bone Crushers ,Bone Files ,Bone Grafts and Pluggers ,Bone Holders , 

Bone Rongeurs ,Bone Spreaders, Bone Syringes, Haemostatic Forceps, Implant Scalers and Curettes, Mallets, Needle Holders, 

Osteotomes, Periosteals, Periotomes , Retractors, Root Splinters, Scalpel Handles, Schluger Files, Scissors, 

Sinus Lift Instruments, Skin Hooks, Surgical Chisels, Surgical Curettes, Surgical Curettes Spoon, Surgical Knives, Syringes, 

Tissue Pliers , Tissue Punches ,Titanium Micro Surgical , Tc instruments , Ect...


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